SafeOp Trigger development

SafeOp Trigger development
Revolutionary technology doesn’t happen overnight. Read the SafeOp story where thousands of hours of hard work, hundreds of cups of strong coffee and the brightest talent in the business has created the world's first digital pistol safety trigger.

With SafeOp, we’re bringing firearm technology into the 21st century by implementing modern (yet common-sense) features such as proximity locking, movement detection and owner alert notifications.

In March 2019 we kicked off our discovery, starting with the construction of a custom test stand housing a scaled up trigger concept and began to experiment with several mechanical safety locking techniques.
Early concept test stand
After several design iterations, we successfully achieved a solid and reliable operation allowing our work to proceed into a design phase. Mission objective; the creation of a trigger-locking system that could be seamlessly integrated into the true DNA of the firearm.

Such a system should allow the operator to fully customize their firearm experience via a secure and intuitive interface yet with no compromise in form, function and speed.
CAD design of SafeOp trigger installed in Glock 19
We chose a Glock 19 Gen 5 as our phase one transplant pistol, our decision guided by this being a very popular firearm for private ownership and the frame size perfect for our initial prototype. The design process quickly took shape digitally as we adopted the mechanical principles proven in discovery and started to apply them to a fully functional firearm. We separated mechanics and electronics by placing all electronics into a custom module housed in the pistol grip. A unique LED light bar on the base of the housing provides lock and unlock status to the operator as well as while providing a convenient recharging connector.
Early prototype trigger installed in Glock 19
From CAD to build, a prototype trigger was milled alongside PCB development and a unique grip positioned electronic housing. The components took shape and came together in a desirable form that didn’t feel like an accessory. Our goal from day one was to offer operators the feeling of confidence and dependability, being able to customize SafeOp was a major goal and development of the mobile app started allowing the owner to fully customize their ownership experience.
Mobile app locking trigger in Glock 19
With our prototype Glock 19 now fully assembled, numerous live fire exercises at the range took place over several weeks. Refinement and fine tuning quickly ensued.
Range day test firing