Firearm safety and personalization for the 21st century

The world's first digital pistol holster

Video coming soon

Quick Draw

Securely unlock your holster in less than half a second


Tamper monitoring

Put your holster in to alarm mode and get instant alerts on any movement

Phone and push

Ready for duty

Built tough with aerospace grade materials SafeOp is ready for anything


How much will it cost?

We're targeting $195.

What about ring sizes?

We'll send you a ring sizing kit so you can get your exact size.

What are the ride options?

Low, medium and high.

Is it available to the public?

We plan 13 Law enforcement departments to battle test but once completed, yes.

How’s the battery life?

A full battery charge is good for 200,000+ unlock cycles and unlimited standby.

When will it be ready?

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