SafeOp -
Firearm Safety
for the 21st Century

Manual or proximity lock/unlock your pistol securely in under half a second.

The world's first digital aftermarket safety trigger. Machine Inc. supports the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. We believe our technology should be a consumer choice and not a requirement by the government.

Firearm ownership is one of the greatest freedoms, however, it's also one of the greatest responsibilities. The SafeOp trigger system delivers security and confidence through thoughtful design and intuitive technology.

Ready when you are

Lighting fast lock and unlock

Quickly lock and unlock your firearm securely in under half a second from your Smartphone, Smartwatch or optional RFID wristband.


Heads up on unauthorized handling

Once locked, SafeOp monitors your firearm. Any unauthorized movement and you get a notification.


Built for duty

Constructed of aircraft grade aluminum and tested with thousands of rounds, lock and unlock cycles
Frequently asked questions
How's the battery life?
Like all electronic equipment it depends on use. We've engineered SafeOp to be exceptionally battery friendly so expect to see weeks or even months between recharge cycles.
How secure is it?
The connection between the firearm and the app is encrypted with a unique pair code chosen by the owner at setup. No two connections between devices are the same - no single secret key.
Does the trigger work with no power?
Yes. Power is for locking, proximity locking, and notification functions (security features). You can install the trigger, unlock the pistol and if the battery runs flat it will function just fine.
How does proximity locking, unlocking work?
You can configure the proximity range from the mobile app. Set it close so that when you reach for your pistol it unlocks in under half a second. You can also set a wider range so that entering or leaving a room has the same effect.
Can I unlock the trigger manually?
Yes, a secure manual unlocking solution is available.
Is SafeOp only for Glock pistols?
Currently yes. We're actively developing for other pistol manufacturers.
Can I customize SafeOp features?
Yes, all preferences and settings are fully customizable via the SafeOp mobile app.